Background & vision

MENSEN is a member-based organization founded in 2014. We are politically and religiously unaffiliated. MENSEN’s feminist vision is a society that respects menstrual rights; everyone should have sufficient information and necessary knowledge about menstrual-related issues and their own body. The infrastructure should take into account the various needs of menstruations as well as secure access to safe and sanitary menstrual products. Everyone should be able to reach out for support and medical care for menstrual-related health issues and receive fair treatment, regardless of the context. The conversation about menstruation should be open; at school, in the workplace, in private life and society at large. Menstruation should also be considered a natural dimension of international humanitarian work.

MENSEN has always been a multifaceted organization that uses various methods to talk about, and increase the knowledge around menstruation, the menstrual cycle and menstrual health. From the very beginning, MENSEN has influenced the public opinion on menstrual-related issues in varous ways, with an intersectional perpective.

Organizational structure

MENSEN is built on driving spirits. The board is elected at the annual general meeting – the highest decision making body within the organization – that is held in February every year. Contact the board at Note that all the board members are volunteers and will reply when time allows. For urgent requests – send an email to


Illustration: Hannele Fernström


chair person

After discussing menstruation for countless years in various forums, formal and informal, joining MENSEN became a natural next step for Emy to engage in real menstrual activism. Emy holds a master’s degree in international humanitarian work, focusing on how women’s menstruation is portrayed in humanitarian campaigns. She is particularly interested and engaged in international women’s rights issues.

Illustration: Hannele Fernström



Rebecca joined the board in 2021 and chose MENSEN because, according to her, menstruation is among the coolest things. She is studying gender studies and has an interest in physiology and the stigma surrounding menstruating bodies. She has previous experience in democracy work in one of Sweden’s largest youth organizations.

Illustration: Hannele Fernström



Rebecka is one of the founders of MENSEN and has been involved in many menstrual activities since the organization started in 2014. Becka has a bachelor in global studies and a master in communications. She has previously been involved in voluntary work related to environmetal issues, human rights, and gender equality. You can contact her at


board member

Ellen has a bachelor’s degree in human rights, a master’s degree in international development and management, and a strong interest in reproductive and sexual health and rights (SRHR). She has written papers on sex education, sex positivity, abortion rights, and has worked on menstrual rights and health in international development projects, analyzing menstrual issues in crisis and conflict situations. She joined MENSEN to engage in menstrual activism that can challenge harmful norms and improve well-being for all who menstruate!


board member

Sofie has an academic background in media and communication studies and is passionate about rights issues, particularly women’s and youth rights. She joined MENSEN because she wants to be part of a movement that engages in menstrual activism at various societal levels. Sofie has studied communication science and peace and conflict studies, and she works on communication within the non-profit sector.


board member

Olivia is based in Umeå, working part-time at Riksteatern Västerbotten as a performing arts consultant while pursuing a master’s degree in applied cultural studies. Olivia has followed MENSEN’s work for many years and sees board membership in the association as an opportunity to work on feminism and gender equality in practice.


board member

Stina works as a personal trainer and heard about MENSEN through one of her clients. In her job, Stina specializes in training and response in relation to the menstrual cycle, and she also lectures on this topic. Stina has experience in operational board work.


board member

Emma is based in Stockholm and has extensive experience in board work, including roles at Popkollo and Musikerförbundet, and is passionate about gender equality issues. She has years of professional experience in the music industry, with expertise in lecturing, communication, social media, project management, as well as assessing project grant applications and monitoring grants.