About us

MENSEN aims to discourage menstrual taboos and increase the general level of knowledge regarding menstruation. Myths and ignorance excludes individuals in their daily life and therefore it is necessary to challenge negative and stereotypical attitudes. We want to increase the understanding towards menstrual experiences and contribute to a sound and respectful perception for one’s own body, as well as other peoples bodies and experiences.

the period megaphone

Everyone has the right to reproductive education. MENSEN launched the project The Period Megaphone in 2017, which enables children and youths to gain knowledge about menstrual health and reproductive anatomy.

Study circles & period parties

MENSEN’s study circles gather knowledge around historical and cultural views on menstruation, menstrual health and menstrual anatomy in an accessible forum. The study circle concept was launched in 2016. We are now developing a compressed format of the circle material called Period Parties. 

#novatflow (#mensautanmoms)

In january 2018, MENSEN launched the campaign #mensautanmoms (translation #novatflow). The aim is to raise awareness on the tax on menstrual products. It has been up to debate in many countries and in several cases it has been lowered or removed. In Sweden the debate is far behind and the tax is still 25 %

period works!

Every company and workplace should meet the needs from the staff. MENSEN has developed the concept Period Works! since 2018. The aim is to contribute to an equal, safe and fair work environment where different needs of menstruating employees are acknowledged and respected. MENSEN strives to reduce the prevalence of unsound work environments where employees risk physical and psychosocial ill health.

Talks & workshops

We are experienced lecturers, panelists and leading workshops. Book us if you want to learn more about periods and the menstrual cycle! We’re experts on MHM from a gender equality perspective, menstrual physiology and health, talking periods from a global, historical or sociological perspective. You name it!


Are you interested in getting involved or supporting our organisationt? There’s plenty of things you can do.