Period Works!

Together with employers, employees and trade unions, we aim to create a more period friendly work life where everybody has the same opportunities. If the work environment doesn’t take into account that people have different bodies, and hence different needs, it might have a negative impact on the individual’s work performance and well being. Issues related to the menstrual cycle and menstruating employees must not be forgotten. By working with menstrual awareness you:

Promote sound health and well-being for the employees

Contribute to an inclusive and equal climate

Strengthen the company brand and attract employees

Invest in the company’s profitability

Climb up the period ladder!

Are you a safety representative at your workplace and want to create a period friendly worklife where everybody feels included and has the same opportunities? Check out this clip to get started! English subtitles are available – just click on the three dots in the right corner.

Are you a safety representative at your workplace?

In this folder, you are provided with information about: menstruation from a work environment perspective, how unsatisfactory conditions at work risk to negatively affect menstruating employees, and how all of this is related to your engagement as safety representative in the workplace

Period Works at Your Workplace?



It’s suitable for workplaces that want to get a basic overview of issues related to menstruation and the work environment.

Lecture & workshop


It’s suitable for workplaces that wants a more in-depth education and workshop in matters concerning menstruation and working life/environment, but who does not wish to undergo an entire certification process. This package is simply a light version of the menstrual certification; the education follows the same structure as the education included in the menstrual certification



It’s a longer commitment suitable for workplaces that want a solid education and process management on how they can create a period-friendly workplace. Suitable for those who want to make major changes in the work environment and have the opportunity to make a thorough evaluation of the current situation together with employees, and wishes to strengthen their employer brand.

We have done a period works session!

“An amazing workshop that everyone should have. Super interesting and instructive

“I have learned so many things after attending MENSENs presentation. I hope more people, at all levels of society, can have the opportunity to have more knowledge about menstruation and get the understanding that it can contribute to improve everyone’s life.”

“I think this should be a part of the work environment – equality and leadership training in our organization. The topic is a part of all that.”

“Such an important topic and I’m so proud that The Body Shop is one of the first companies to do this training 👏🏼

”Great lecture. I can definitely recommend it to other companies and organizations”

“Easier to talk about these issues now. Opened my eyes. Gained a greater understanding of the importance of an open conversational climate”

”Thanks for today! Very informative and interesting. It is good to open your eyes to something that has always existed but is so taboo to talk about”

“Good that the subject is finally being addressed! Interesting lecture. I wish that the amazing explanation of the uterus and its function would be taught in school”

”More knowledge about menstrual related diseases and discomfort”

”More understanding for menstruation as a whole, and why we need to talk more about it in relation to the workplace”

”Interesting – rewarding – worthwhile”

”New thoughs, new knowledge, inspirational”