Together with employers, employees and unions, we aim to create a more period prenfly work life where everyone is included and has the same opportunities. If the work environment doesn’t take into account that people have different bodies and different needs, it might have a negative impact on the individual’s work performance and well being. Issues concerning the menstrual cycle and menstruators must not be forgotten.

By working with menstrual awareness you:

Promote sound health and well-being for the employees

Contribute to an inclusive and equal climate

Strengthen the company brand and attract employees Invest in the company’s profitability; equal workplaces where the staff is content are more productive and thriving

Are you a safetey representative at your workplace?

Climb up the period ladder

Are you a safety representative at your workplace and want to create a period friendly worklife where everybody is feels included and has the same opportunities? Check out this clip to get started! English subtitles are available – just click on the three dots in the right corner.