Talks & Education

Spreading awareness on menstrual equity is our highest priority. We are experienced lecturers, panelists and workshop leaders. We’re experts on menstrual hygiene health (MHH) from a gender equality perspective, menstrual physiology and health, talking periods from a global, historical or sociological perspective. You name it!

We have held lectures at conferences, fairs, universities, to theater groups, companies and other NGOs. We have also spoken in panels and as experts in televised coverages about menstrual issues. Interested in a visit from us? Send an email to!

Study Circles

Awareness can be disseminated in many different ways. MENSEN’s study circles gather knowledge around historical and cultural views on menstruation, menstrual health and menstrual anatomy in an accessible forum. The study circle concept has been around since the fall of 2016.

The study circles are divided into four meetings, each time covering a different theme. The focus is on an open setting where the participants can share ideas and learn from one another on topics such as the physiology of the menstrual cycle, popular cultural portrayals of menstruation, the view on menstruation in ancient Greece and so on. Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate!

Do you want to arrange a study circle in English?

Send us an email and we can work something out!