MENSENs ambition is to give children and youths the possibility to establish a positive and knowledge-based view on menstruation, already from an early age. Knowledge about one’s own body is a human right and crucial for the ability to make well grounded choices throughout life and reach out for help if necessary. Knowledge is the key to change negative attitudes and stereotypes. The materials and methods of The Period Megaphone work as a tool to raise awareness around menstruation, the menstrual cycle and the body in an inclusive and neutral manner. Interested in the project? Send an email to!

To date, The Period Megaphone has met more than 300 individuals in middle schools all over Sweden! Through our brochure we have reached thousands of children. It can be downloaded free of charge or ordered through our webshop in a printed version (shipping within Sweden). The brochure is so far only available in Swedish but we aim to produce an English version going forward. The brochure uses salutogenic and neutral language in order to de-dramatize and create a positive connotation to menstruation. It has received a lot of praise and positive reviews from children as well as parents, teachers and midwives, among others.