Universal Period Competence

In September 2020, we launched a new project: Universal Period Competence – Period Knowledge for Everyone, with funding from Allmänna Arvsfonden. The aim is to give children and young people, regardless of physical and mental ability, knowledge about menstruation, what it can mean for different people – and feel empowered by this knowledge. 

Over a three year span, the project produced a website, social media accounts, games, posters, pictures and films that are aimed directly at the target group. In addition, a manual for adults in the vicinity of these children will be produced to supplement the material with. The manual contains tools and tips on how to start the conversations about menstruation and the body. The material is inclusive and accessible for everyone since we are adapting the approach of universal design. Alas, the material will be usable regardless of whether or not an individual has a visual or hearing impairment, reading and writing difficulties, is neuroatypical, or has a mobility impairment. The project has also funded a Period Scholarship to which young people can apply for funding in order to run their own period related projects!